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     The Market of Thyatira, Inc. is a 501c3 charitable organization located in Cincinnati, Ohio that sells handicrafts at fair prices to benefit evangelical and international ministries serving individuals affected by exploitative labor throughout the world.

In 2008, the founder (Lydia) went to Thailand and was impacted by ministries that assist women in leaving the sex-trade industry.  They were in brothels; they are now making handicrafts and jewelry.  Not only were they in a safe environment, receiving counseling and learning life-skills, they were hearing about the hope and healing that they can have in Jesus Christ.  Lydia realized that she could sell these handicrafts to support their ministries.  When she returned home, she partnered with her sister (Christy) and many friends to host their first open house.  That event raised over $7,000 and benefitted four different international ministries.

     Following that event, Christy and Lydia incorporated the organization, formed a board of directors, and applied for their non-profit status.  The Market of Thyatira, Inc. became a 501c3 non-profit corporation in May of 2011.  The market does not have a storefront for the handicrafts.  The items are currently available through our online store, speaking engagements, private parties, events, and open houses.  Please see our contact page if you are interested in having Lydia or Christy speak at an event or host an open house.    


     What's in a name?  Many ask about the meaning of the Market of Thyatira, Inc.  Thyatira is pronounced thī-ə-ˈtī-rə and means 'a sacrifice of labor.'  Thyatira was an ancient Greco-Roman city located in modern-day Turkey.  It was known for its craft guilds and was the home of Lydia, the seller of purple cloth.  Lydia is considered the first European convert to Christianity.

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